The question I get every time before a couple or engagement shoot is: What to wear? In this post I will try to talk about the do’s and don’ts when thinking of clothes, coordination and awesome images while still trying to be comfortable and portray your personality. I am hoping this will make everything easier on the day, so none of you is stuck surrounded by piles of clothes 2 hours before a shoot wondering what the heck should I wear?!?! It’s definitely best to think of the clothes for the shoot day ahead of time so you know your favourite pair of shoes is already polished and your cute dress is ironed and ready to shine.

Be yourself

The photoshoot is about the two of you and who you are, don’t go to formal if you’re the active type. Choose clothes you feel comfortable moving in, hugging in and even dancing in. These images should be fun and relaxed without the pressure of an event. Your outfit should also make you feel confident, so wear pieces that feel like “you” and the better you feel the better the images will turn out. I want to see your personalities as you relax in front of the camera and become more aware of each other and less of me 🙂

Couple relaxing


You are in love, you are a team and you want to celebrate your relationship and your similarities but it’s best if the clothes aren’t too matchy-matchy. So what’s the best way to coordinate without going for the same colours? A few ideas are: go for the same colour family or choose accents of the same colour in your outfits. Don’t shy away from vibrant colours as long as the other’s outfit is more neutral. Or choose contrasting colours that accentuate each-other: like yellow and blue, or green and red. What’s even more important is to keep the style similar so it looks like you are both going to the same place and have the same vibe.

Coordinating and holding hands

Keep it simple

I always ask for simple colours and prints. As much as patterns can be fun they can distract from the true subject of the image: the two of you. Also simple, classic clothes are a better idea to new trends, bold prints or questionable graphics. Pastels and neutrals can look great on anyone more so than neon hues. These images will be shown to your family and shared with friends for, hopefully, many years to come so why not go for something that is timeless? If you want to stand out add some of your favourite accessories (a colourful brooch? a bright set of shoes or maybe the latest hat in your collection?) don’t hesitate to highlight your quirky style!

Colourful style

Location matters

Think of your surroundings when picking out colours for your outfit. You two are the subject of the image so it is best to try and stand out. If you’re in a park don’t wear green and you won’t blend in with the trees. This location will also work better for active wear or smart casual than a restaurant or a busy street will; In the city the clothes can be more formal and vibrant colours can make you stand out from the crowd and the grey buildings.

Hug in front of tree


The engagement shoot objective is to enhance your natural beauty and being pampered and feeling confident in how you look is a great idea before a photoshoot. The camera can sometimes flatten the features, show every detail and enhance uneven tones so going for a neutral accent on the eyes (for example mascara can enhance the eye’s shape and define the lashes) or some foundation and lipgloss may highlight your attributes.

Other details

Details like an interesting neckline or back, an interesting belt or tie, can bring the entire look together. I like focusing on the details and I sometimes crop really close to see smiles and hugs and interlaced fingers so why not show off your engagement ring, your pretty manicure or that new scarf or hat? An idea that can bring more variety to the shoot without changing your entire outfit is layering: a cardigan, a scarf, a vest.

Alina and Mircea Playful

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