Creating a preset in Lightroom

I have a youtube channel!!! I have been thinking about this for a while now and finally recorded my first video. It is a short tutorial on how to create your own preset in Lightroom. And it’s for beginners. Nothing too complicated, just moving some slides ūüôā Presents can enhance your work and give another […]


2017 new year resolutions

I started thinking about my 2017 new year resolutions sitting down in a beautiful remote cottage in North Wales. It was a bit unsettling as really all I wanted to do is stay there for the next few months and not deal with the rest of the world, or plans or decisions.¬† The last year […]

Nyhavn canal


In June I crossed off¬†another country of my list: Denmark. We chose beautiful Copenhagen with it’s colourful canals, edgy districts and billion bicycles. The city felt very cool and relaxed, people enjoyed the sun sitting across the canals in groups, chatting after work hours. It surprised me how different it was from the other places […]

Nikon D40

The photography tag

Today’s post is a bit different, I discovered this Photography Tag on youtube and thought to give it a try in writing. How did you first get into photography? I always was fascinated by how people can transform and capture what is in front of their eyes and evoke a feeling to any viewer. When […]


Faceless Portrait – week 7

Week 7 of project 52 brings something a bit more exciting, it let’s you be creative and¬†opens up a lot of options. I really enjoyed the faceless portrait theme. My model was my wonderful boyfriend who waited patiently and posed as per instructions. It was Valentine’s day so I think he wanted to be nice. […]

sugar granules candy

Candy – Week 6

I can’t say the 52 photo project is going amazing but I am keeping up. In this post I will continue where I left off: Candy and week 6.¬†This was a tough one and didn’t had a lot to choose from. I tried making my own candy using a lollipop recipe. Photo not great ..and […]

flowers life

Life thoughts

Since I was little I loved quotes and words of wisdom but I always preferred to learn things¬†on my own. Now, when reading through life lessons and quotes, found on different¬†articles, I feel a small nudge at my heart considering how right they were. Don’t buy the things you don’t need While growing up we¬†didn’t […]

Bucharest architecture

Bucharest in winter

I love traveling and there is so much to see in the world! But .. I have to admit that I haven’t seen enough of my home country, Romania, and bit by bit I try to change that. Having a partner¬†that loves to travel and who doesn’t know much about Romania helps. I love to […]


Black and white – week 5

Week 5 theme has been: Black and white landscape. As I go through with these I find landscapes¬†definitely the most difficult to shoot or at least the ones I’m less satisfied with. I don’t want to say that it’s the place I live in cause that would be silly .. it’s really¬†a combination of factors. […]


Headshot – week 4

I’ve been so busy lately and have fallen a bit behind with updating my blog regarding the 52 week challenge. It’s going well by the way! I’m at week 7 now but will continue on the blog where I left off: the headshot for week 4. I was lucky enough that lovely Alex, an acting […]