Book reviews – audible

I love Audible and this year I decided to write a few words about the books I’ve been listening to, in the first blog of the series: Book reviews. The fifteen lives of Harry August by Claire North A book about the different lives of Harry August in his quest to learn about everything, understand his […]

Red – week 3

Third week already?! The theme was: Red. And I tried to go in a few different directions with this. Red light – a rainy evening on busy streets, as a passenger in a car I find things to do :). I think it turned out quite nice. Colouring – I discovered zentangle and the art of […]

Landscape – week 2

The photo challenge this week continues with another theme which I personally found quite difficult: a landscape. The weather hasn’t been amazing now that it’s winter in Wales and it’s been quite wet and cold and gloomy. I managed to get a few images in different locations but if I am honest I am not […]

Self portrait – Week 1

This year I decided to give myself a more difficult photography challenge and have weekly themes. So I’m actually joining the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge . Week one theme was: Self portrait. I didn’t want to go for the idea of a simple selfie so I tried to create something different. Tools used: an Ikea candle lantern (pretty right?!), […]

New year resolutions

Can’t believe it’s 2016 ..I mean, where did this 2015 go? Can we just slow down a little bit?! I’m getting old but I feel the same really it’s just the knowledge that years are passing and wrinkles are threatening. I have a few things I want to achieve this year and hopefully I’ll be […]

Albufeira, Portugal

I don’t know if you know this about me ..but I didn’t used to have the opportunity to travel much when I was younger. So this is really the third foreign country I see, if I am also counting the one I currently call home (UK). But don’t worry I love travelling and I am […]