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Emotional mindsets in business

This weekend, in my pursue for personal development I decided to register to a webinar run by Zoltan Veres from Refleqt about emotional mindsets in business. He talked about emotional intelligence, about balance and how to reach a fulfilling career life by using your own strengths and discovering the potential hidden behind many years of unhelpful […]


About friendship

Growing up I managed to make a few friends along the way, it was part of my daily life. It was normal to have someone to talk to, to laugh with, to cry with. Loyalty, love and sisterhood were part of me from a very early age. I grew up with support as a base […]


2017 new year resolutions

I started thinking about my 2017 new year resolutions sitting down in a beautiful remote cottage in North Wales. It was a bit unsettling as really all I wanted to do is stay there for the next few months and not deal with the rest of the world, or plans or decisions.  The last year […]

Nikon D40

The photography tag

Today’s post is a bit different, I discovered this Photography Tag on youtube and thought to give it a try in writing. How did you first get into photography? I always was fascinated by how people can transform and capture what is in front of their eyes and evoke a feeling to any viewer. When […]

flowers life

Life thoughts

Since I was little I loved quotes and words of wisdom but I always preferred to learn things on my own. Now, when reading through life lessons and quotes, found on different articles, I feel a small nudge at my heart considering how right they were. Don’t buy the things you don’t need While growing up we didn’t […]

New year resolutions

Can’t believe it’s 2016 ..I mean, where did this 2015 go? Can we just slow down a little bit?! I’m getting old but I feel the same really it’s just the knowledge that years are passing and wrinkles are threatening. I have a few things I want to achieve this year and hopefully I’ll be […]