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What to wear at a couple shoot

The question I get every time before a couple or engagement shoot is: What to wear? In this post I will try to talk about the do’s and don’ts when thinking of clothes, coordination and awesome images while still trying to be comfortable and portray your personality. I am hoping this will make everything easier […]


Emotional mindsets in business

This weekend, in my pursue for personal development I decided to register to a webinar run by Zoltan Veres from Refleqt about emotional mindsets in business. He talked about emotional intelligence, about balance and how to reach a fulfilling career life by using your own strengths and discovering the potential hidden behind many years of unhelpful […]


Warren Mill Farm Park

This bank holiday I decided to visit the Warren Mill Farm Park for a quick day out. I’ve been recommended it by a couple I had a photoshoot with the week prior and I’m so grateful to them for telling me about it. I love animals so having the opportunity to feed and pet them […]


A couple photoshoot

On my holiday I had the amazing chance to shoot with Alina and Mircea on the streets of Cluj Napoca. I was contacted by them on social media about a quick 2 hours shoot and was happy to comply. I used to know them back when I was a student in Cluj and this was […]

Film slr

How I chose my first film SLR

I’m a digital photographer. It’s easy to shoot, once, twice, check later, tweak the exposure, shoot again. But I was always fascinated by film photography, nothing compares to the colours and the grain of a 35mm print. So a couple of months ago I went on a search for my first film SLR. We’re talking […]

Happy family

Family portrait sessions

Family portrait sessions are a new venture for me but one that I have been interested in getting into for a while. Compared to the portrait and couple photoshoots they are more exciting, funny and even a little bit chaotic. Here are some of the lessons I had to learn when it comes to outdoor family […]

Nikon D40

The photography tag

Today’s post is a bit different, I discovered this Photography Tag on youtube and thought to give it a try in writing. How did you first get into photography? I always was fascinated by how people can transform and capture what is in front of their eyes and evoke a feeling to any viewer. When […]

flowers life

Life thoughts

Since I was little I loved quotes and words of wisdom but I always preferred to learn things on my own. Now, when reading through life lessons and quotes, found on different articles, I feel a small nudge at my heart considering how right they were. Don’t buy the things you don’t need While growing up we didn’t […]

New year resolutions

Can’t believe it’s 2016 ..I mean, where did this 2015 go? Can we just slow down a little bit?! I’m getting old but I feel the same really it’s just the knowledge that years are passing and wrinkles are threatening. I have a few things I want to achieve this year and hopefully I’ll be […]